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Dark Crystal "Clear" Glass Cleaner 30ml



Dark Crystal Cleaner is the glass cleaning solution dabbers cannot get enough of!

The 30ml solution is to keep on your dab stations and use after dabbing to keep the banger clean.

Dark Crystal is not like alcohol-based cleaners, it is not a chemical solvent and relies on heat to activate it.

You can heat and cool the solution as many times as you like, the heating and cooling process will not break it down or hinder the performance in any way. Always remember to store it in a sealed container to avoid evaporation.

Soaking Directions:

  • Pour Clear directly into affected item, making sure to seal any holes to prevent leakage. For smaller pieces, fill up a sealable, microwavable container to soak them in.

  • To speed up soak time significantly place your affected piece that is now full of Clear solution into a bowl or tub of warm water to raise its temperature.

  • Leave item soaking until surface is free of oil or begin scrubbing with a pipe cleaner or cotton swab. In some cases agitation is necessary after soaking.

  • Carefully shake affected piece when full of solution to break down thicker, hard to reach oil if necessary.

  • Pour cleaner out of affected piece and immediately rinse with hot/warm water to remove any resin left behind. Repeat this process a few times if necessary until all broken down residue is removed.

Some thicker carbon build up from high heat may need to be rubbed with a cotton swab or pipe cleaner to be removed after soaking.

Microwave Heating Directions:

  • Remove solution from bottle first! Bottle is not microwavable.

  • Pour contents into a microwavable dish and heat on high in a microwave for 1 to 2 minutes or until

    warm. Be careful it could be hot!

  • Place smaller affected pieces into the now warm bath of solution and watch it work instantly.

  • To fill your glass pieces make sure you are wearing the proper hand protection to avoid scalding in case of spillage. Pour the now warm/hot solution directly into your affected glass piece making sure to seal all holes to prevent leakage. Letting dirty parts soak while warm/hot will shorten soaking times greatly for those in a rush.

    Quartz Care Directions:

  • After using your quartz piece, while still warm use a Clear soaked cotton swab to wipe out any cooked on residues. This polishing method works only when the quartz is warm.

  • Soaking quartz pieces over night when not in use is a great way to keep them clean. Water additive Directions:

Note: You can even add a few drops of Clear to your water pipes water chamber to help oil from building up. If you see bubbles you have added too much. Note: Water may turn cloudy when Clear is added.

Also, the DC Clear will not work well if it is colder than room temperature so make sure you don't keep it too cold!

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