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This shop and products sold are strictly for adults only – you must be over 18 to use this site. Age Verification must be provided if requested, and if you cannot provide this your order will be refunded.

Privacy Policy

If you buy something we’ll have your email and contact details which will only be used to fulfil your order and get your package to you. If you opt to subscribe to our mailing list during the order process or create an account for future orders, we will have your contact details. We never share your information with anyone.

We keep up a request history of your purchases. This enables you and us to track your purchases and survey your purchase history. We additionally gather data about the number of “hits” our site gets.


Cookies are little bits of information sent to your web program by a web server. They can’t hurt your machine in any capacity as they are little text files with basic data in them.

You may encounter issues with our site when you attempt to purchase things. These are more often than not to do with how you have set up your security settings in your web program.


No inference, association, affiliation or approval can be drawn from the distribution of website or other media.

We would request that all customers check the laws of their country before ordering products from our website. We will not be held responsible for you breaking the law in your country.

All books are sold for information and educational reference only, and all items that may be considered smoking paraphernalia are strictly sold for ornamental purposes or for the use of legal smoking mixes, such as tobacco.

Products are not intended for use with illegal drugs. Do not break the law.

On the off chance that you have set your Security Settings in Internet Explorer to “high” you may have blocked cookies. Our site utilises cookies to give a few elements, for example, the Shopping Cart and My Account. To use the web page you should set the security level for the web to Medium (under Tools/Internet Options). This is for “Safe perusing yet at the same time practical”.

What we do with your data

We NEVER exchange, sell or otherwise give away your email address to anyone else. Your email address and username are used solely by you for purposes of logging into your account, and us for emailing you regarding your orders and to update you with our newsletter.